Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A whole new perspective on junk

There's a secret spot in DC where you will find the most beautiful pieces of junk :) One of my co-workers took everyone in the office to her neighbor's back yard to show us what happens to all the random pieces of scrap metal, broken garden tools and mirrors, discarded furniture, etc. that people put out by the street for the garbage men to take --- they never make it to the actual dump! Instead, her neighbor collects junk and turns it into art in the woods behind his house. It is amazing! Kind of hard to see from the pictures, but the top one is all different shapes and sizes of broken mirrors hung from a tree so that when the sun sets, it makes the most magnificent prisms that bounce off the mirrors and dazzle the trees. The second picture is a giant wind chime made from broken, rusty garden tools, street hole covers, pieces of metal medicine cabinets, kitchen utensils, and anything else you can imagine, all hung from bamboo poles ~ surprisingly, there is an overabundance of natural bamboo growing in DC suburbs. I was absolutely in awe of this guy's artwork. Definitely one of those things that you have to see to get the full affect, so next time anyone comes to visit, remind me to take you to this place!

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  1. Papa would love the wind chime in all its junk splendor! The mirrors certainly reflect that gentleman's talent and recycling respect. Our neighbor, we called him, The Judge, I guess because he was quite elderly, used to pick up junk, but all he would do with it was hang it in his old barn! Thanks for the pictures. mammaw Have a good week!.