Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Library of Congress

I'm ashamed to say it took me a year and a half to visit the Library of Congress, but today, that's exactly what I did. The last thing to check off my DC list before I head to the Midwest next week. It was truly breathtaking walking amid marble staircases and pillars, colorful mosaic paintings, ornately painted ceilings, and artifacts that shaped our nation's history. There's an entire section that holds some of the actual books from Thomas Jefferson's personal library! Unfortunately, the best parts of the Library were in "no photography" zones, so I couldn't take a picture of Jefferson's books nor the rotunda where congressional research takes place, but I still could marvel and snap away photos of the decor. I definitely recommend seeing the Library of Congress for anyone traveling to DC. What a nice little escape into quietness from the noisy city and tourist-crowded monuments outside!

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  1. Colleen, what a beautiful, magnificent building. The pictures were perfect in showing the stately decor. If that's your last posting of historic D.C., it truly is a memorable one. Thanks for making D.C. come alive for me. And again, "Welcome Home", you've been missed, but what a year and a half of knowledge you've gained for yourself. mammaw