Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Tis the Season...of course!

Is it just me or does Christmas come a little bit earlier every year??? I know the date hasn't changed but I guess retail stores are anxious that it may come in October this year and therefore need to be ready. Perhaps Santa should send all the retail bigwigs a memo January 1st of every year stating that he will still NOT be showing up until December 25th. Perhaps then consumers can enjoy EVERY holiday of the year at the appropriate time and give due diligence to each one. I was in Macy's 2 weekends ago and noticed all the Christmas trees, ornaments, and garland strung throughout....2 weeks ago was October 23rd....Christmas isn't until December 25th....there are 2 more holidays in between.....I don't know what else needs to be said. Before you start thinking I'm anti-Christmas or anything, let me assure you that second only to my youngest brother, I could be the most "Christmasy" person on earth (there's really no competing with my bro who wore a Santa hat pretty much all through Kindergarten followed by a Christmas tie in high school the majority of the year and who can be found dressed like Santa head to toe at any point throughout the year). I go all out at Christmas and put my Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving - key word there is AFTER. I decorate a gingerbread house every year, display more than one nativity in my apartment, have an iPod playlist just of Christmas songs, light the Advent wreath at dinner every night, bake cookies, take great joy in shopping for and wrapping presents, have enjoyed caroling on many occasions and hope to drag Sam along this year, watch every Christmas cartoon and movie on TV (going to be hard this year seeing as how I don't have cable), and I buy new ornaments for my tree throughout the year from new vacation spots I visit. I'm really quite a Christmasy person, but I also like to give pumpkins and turkeys the respect they deserve.

So, Merry Christmas in November cause apparently I'm late in celebrating this year!

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