Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Park Discovery

Once again the weather was gorgeous in DC - I'm really liking Fall here!! - so Sam and I decided to pull out the hiking gear (well, let's be honest, our "gear" consists of jeans, jackets, and tennis shoes) and find a new place to explore. We ended up at Rock Creek Park in DC, which is twice the size of Central Park in NYC! It's a beautiful area for biking, hiking picnicking, and even horseback riding - there's an equestrian center in the park but I think it's only for people to board their own horses, not to rent to the public. We stumbled upon a great path that wound up and down hills in the woods alongside a creek and provided a stunning array of colorful leaves. My pictures really don't do it justice, but you can see from a couple of them the reds and yellows that are still in season. Most of the leaves were crunching beneath our feet, but the ones still on the trees were breathtaking, especially the yellow tree. I stood under the branches and stared up at the contrast of a clear blue sky and bright yellow leaves.....magnificent! There were also quite a few neat bridges along the way. I must say the architecture in DC is really cool ~ the buildings downtown, the historic row houses and Brownstones, and the bridges everywhere. Two thumbs up to the architects who designed everything....two giant thumbs DOWN for the engineers who constructed the city in a weird spoke of roads! Ha!


  1. It seems that one story accidentally got left off of the post...

    As we are strolling down the path and Colleen is testing the limit on how high she can throw her water bottle up and catch it, a dog and runner appear over the hill in front of us. At this point, Colleen either reaches her limit or notices the dog running towards us. She misses and the water bottle smacks the ground. Seeing the water bottle hit the ground, the dog makes a move for it. But the owner (one of the few that actually uses a leash) pulls the dog back in and says "Its not a ball ". Colleen responds by yelling back, "Well control him then!". At this point, like you, I'm a bit confused. And my face must have shown it. See, what I heard and what Colleen heard were two completely different things.

    I see Colleen dropping an object, the dog thinking its a ball and going to pick it up, and the owner pulling the dog back in and telling him its not a ball.

    Colleen sees a vicious animal running down the path and at the last second changes course directly at her. Colleen jumps out of the way and in her mind hears the owner say "Its not a volatile beast!"

  2. I guess it was my LOVE of dogs that affected my hearing :-P